Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ladies of the Night

Most of my close friends would certainly have good
reason to believe that Christmas is my favorite
holiday...and they would be correct.
Halloween runs a very close second!
Jack-o-lanterns- bats- spiders-candy corn-
I love it all!
I am particularly fond of witches-
and would love to introduce you to a few of these
"frightfully fashionable"
Ladies of the Night!
These are my dear friends
Hortense, Issobell & Euthanasia.
All were sculpted with papier mache
and since they are all widows,
are wearing antique mourning clothes.
We modern gals should all be forever grateful that we have been spared from wearing these cloying, black wool
ensembles... as they are terribly itchy and their metal
stays are so tight I don't know how one was supposed to be able to breathe!
Most of all, we should be thankful that we are long past
having to wear the dreaded "old lady shoes"!

Now that is a terrifying sight!
Despite their dreary mourning clothes,
the ladies have paid particular attention to their
lovely antique brooches adorn their widow wear,
and all have the requisite
spiders, rats, cats & cobwebs
atop their crooked black hats.
Now, this is Hortense.
Aptly named for a rather dispicable mother-in-law
(luckily not MY mother-in-law!!),
who we keep pushed to the bottom rung of our family tree.
Don't be fooled by her little smile...
She was quite wicked in her ways and use to scare
the p-jeebies out of my sisters & me!
And now for some little witchy gals:

Very cute... but very mischevous!
Now this is Issobell.
Rumour is that she is quite cantankerous & brooding;
complains all the time
and constantly misplaces her broomstick!
she's anxious for a new home to haunt.
You can find her listed at my Etsy Shop:
if you'd like to volunteer your home!
Oh... it's time for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Keep it coming! Love your material. Elizabeth