My Studio


Please enjoy these pictures of
my little studio.....

When I started my "cottage business" in 2007,
I had no idea how quickly it would grow.
I soon realized that I indeed required a "cottage" in which
to spread my work...and artistic wings!
Luckily for me, the very solution to my dilemma was close at
hand.  The 100 year-old smokehouse on our property that currently
 housed all of our garden tools & garden "critters" would be
 the perfect place for me to stake claim!
Inspired by Hugh Comstock's fairy tale cottages in Carmel,
California, I set about drawing plans for my own fairy tale studio.
My new motto quickly became~


These are quite obviously the "BEFORE" pictures.
As you can see, I had my work cut out for me! Believe me,
the "dirt dobbers" were not happy to lose their home and, alas, I had to
find another place for the old salt trough.
Nine months later, the work was completed and I happily moved in to my
new workshop.
You can see the similarity between my little cottage and the "Hansel"
cottage below that Mr. Comstock designed for his wife in 1923 to showcase her
"Otsey-Totsey" dolls.
Carmel 2009 038

Even though my cottage does not boast a
delightfully crooked chimney the same as
"Hansel's," I worked diligently to include
as many appropriate architectural touches
as I could find.  To that end, I was successful
in finding wonderful old windows, a fireplace
mantle from an old New York brownstone,
and my very favorite piece~ a 17th century abbey door from Normandy, France~ to make my little
space as visually inspiring as possible.
And now, as they say...
         a pictures is worth a thousand words...
Please enjoy this pictorial tour of my studio~
I love to decorate for each season...




Please come back soon~
Many more pictures to come!
Also, you must read more about the legendary
Hugh Comstock
and his fascinating fairy tale cottages!