Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall's Best Dressed Pumpkins!

Recently, I finally managed to "carve" out
a little time to actually try my hand
at making some of those divine velvet pumpkins
I've been drooling over for the last couple of years. 
I had been patiently collecting my supplies
over the summer, and as soon as football season hit our house,
I snuggled up in my chair, pulled out all my goodies,
and got to work!
Since I'm not really an "orange" kinda girl,
I chose my own palette of pumpkin colors:
greys, ochre yellows & greens, dusty blues & violets,
robin's egg blue, and a rather stunning teal color that
blended fabulously with all of my choices.
Before long, I had completed my little velvet pumpkin patch-
they seemed a lttle... well, ordinary to me. 
I began hunting through my stash of old jewelry, trim
and millinary pieces, and
Pumpkins that would turn heads on any New York fashion runway!
So, I now present to you..

Of course, my "runway" would not be complete without
taking a look at some of this year's rather unfortunate looking
I'm sure Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police will have lots to
say about these guys: