Monday, November 19, 2012

Autumn Jewels

Poor November.
Sandwiched between the exciting months of
October & December,
this month just doesn't stand a chance!
By the time I'm through with goblins & ghosties,
it's time to anticipate (or dread!) visions of
sugar plum fairies and reindeer.
Luckily for me,
I woke up today to a spectacular November morn.
With coffee cup in hand, I gazed out my kitchen window
and beheld this wondrous sight...
And even though the themometer read 28 degrees,
I simply could not resist the sight of my
Japanese Maple weighted down with a thick coating of frost...
and shimmering like a jewel in the early morning sun.
So, I did what every good blogger would do...
I grabbed my camera- and my husband-
and hurried outside to take in this amazing spectacle of nature.
Just when I thought the autumn leaves of Middle Tennessee
had shown me their best finery-
here they were- dazzling me as never before!
Hydrangeas are the gifts that NEVER stop giving.
Even as their leaves and blossoms are fading,
they still are able to put everything else in one's garden
to shame.
I truly did not stage this...
a perfect little red hydrangea leaf nestled among the
frosted green leaves of my lenten roses!
I've saved the best for last.
Even though by now, my fingers are beginning to feel numb
and the thought of another hot cup of coffee is calling out to me-
I just couldn't resist crossing the bridge behind our house
to see what our river held in store for us this morning.
My husband & I were not disappointed.
The mist rising off the chilly water and the thick frost
that caked the river bank ,
helped to create an ethereal painting
for my husband & me.
Across the river,
we were serenaded by a rather noisy gaggle of
Canadian geese...
probably haggling over the last bits of corn in the field.
It was a splendid sight.
One I knew would be quickly disappearing as winter draws near...
and also a reminder of what a
real jewel,  the month of
And now,
Here's a little Thanksgiving gift from me to you.
A wonderful old print for you to copy & use
as Thanksgiving placecards!
Love Mr. Turkey!

One of these days I hope its warm enough
to have our
Thanksgiving meal outdoors.
It would be very "Martha Stewarty"!