Monday, February 18, 2013

Its the Little Things

 Recently, a very astute friend of mine remarked that I seemed
to enjoy making smaller items more than my larger full sized figures.
Until then, I really had not given it much thought~
but indeed, she is quite right.
 My love affair with tiny things began long ago when I was in the
Fifth Grade (and that WAS long ago!).  Our assignment was to create
a poetry notebook, complete with illustrations for each poem.
Digging through the endless poetry books in our school library, I came
across a volumn of poetry that had been illustrated by
Joan Walsh Anglund.
I became completely enthralled by her artwork~
tiny little ink drawings of cherub-cheeked children with two little eyes.
Illustrations that begged for one to look closely so as not to miss her tiny
a little snail making its way through the tall grass, a robin pulling up an
inch worm to feed her little babies high up in a tree,
butterflies, teacups & kittens placed just so in her pictures.
Miss Anglund's first little book,
A Friend is Someone Who Likes You,
was published in 1958 and was followed by dozens more little books
such as:
Love is a Special Way of Feeling &
What Color is Love?
I connected with her artwork, and soon I was lining my bedroom walls
with her beguiling drawings.
It wasn't long before I began painting my own little
Joan Walsh Anglund pictures (imitatation is the best form of
flattery!) and determined that I too would one day become an
illustrator of children's books.
My fascination with her work continued in high school.
I think every important event that happened in my life during
those four years were dutifully recorded in my Joan Walsh Anglund
calendars (which I still have~). Years later, when my sons were born,
their nursery walls were decorated with my hand-painted cut outs
of the characters I had so loved way back when.
The very first antique I ever purchased was also a "little thing."
I loved going antiquing with my mother~
usually it was just to window shop.  But on one particular outing,
I spied a tiny little vase that I just had to have~
and luckily, I had the 3 or 4 dollars I needed to purchase it.

My first little antique...

I have no idea what drew me to the tiny vase,
but I was thrilled with my purchase and have continued to collect
them over the years.  Today, I proudly display them all in an antique
 "Chocolate Box" from Holland that I received as a wedding present.

My husband's grandmother, the elegant Caroline Ball,
loved "pretty little things" as well. 
 The entrance hall of her beautiful home was lined with glass
 display cabinets that showcased a massive collection of
crystal paperweights.

She also loved collecting tiny boxes.
Her living room was filled with dainty "eye candy"~
porcelain French Limoges & enameled  Halcyon boxes from
London literally spilled onto every table.
Today, we are fortunate to have several of these beautiful little
treasures and thanks to my husband & my family,
I have my own "Momsie" table in my living room
filled with my own "eye candy".

 "Little things" play a big part in my work.
In fact, my favorite part of any project comes when I can sit
back & begin to add what I think of as the fun part~
or adding the details.  At this point, I get to rifle through
my stash of "stuff" and find the perfect way to make my project
special. For that reason, my studio is filled with a vast array of
little things: jewelry, toys, doll clothes & accessories, ribbons,
millenary...the list goes on. I never know exactly what the
"end product" will be, but I credit Joan Walsh Anglund's art
with teaching me the importance of little things, and the difference
they can make to one's work.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite little things from my studio:


Little things fire my imagination and make all things possible...
teacups become homes for elves & fairies~

Vintage dime store animals can go to birthday parties...

Little boxes can be "royally" altered...

Of course, my favorite little things are
little boys...
little things are infinitely the most important.

Thank you for visiting my blog!
You can always find "little things" for sale in my Etsy Shoppe
including the adorable "dressing table" gift box.

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