Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trick or Treat Time!

Little boys & Halloween go together (as Forrest Gump would say-),
"like peas and carrots"!
At least, they did in my household.
For over twenty years I have been outfitting & hosting all manner of goblins
and ghoulies, and with the arrival of my grandson five years ago,
a new generation of "Trick or Treaters" was born.
When my boys were growing up,
we spent hours turning our front yard into the neighborhood cemetery
(Bonnie & Clyde, Jack the Ripper &  Bluebeard were all buried here),
transforming our basement into a fabulous Haunted House!

In our Haunted House, no "sissified" things were allowed.
Our visitors were treated to jars of eyeballs, ears & tongues,
bats, rats & bones,
cobwebs that were hung on anything that stood still,
the requisite green slimey stuff that I didn't even want to know about.
Here also,
Frankenstein slept in a bed, Dracula peeked from behind an old door-
and Elvis played his guitar in the corner.
For many years, Halloween meant moonlit hayrides back down our country road,
and one year, we held my son's birthday party in the basement.
My favorite little spooks!
Alas, little boys grow up,
and all too soon it is sooo not cool to dress up for Halloween.
I bemoaned this fact for a couple of years,
but then, our grandson was born
and I built my studio-
and suddenly I had a new little goblin on the block,
 a new Haunted House to decorate!
My studio-
It was time for the adults to celebrate,
so last year I had a grand Halloween dinner for my Supper Club crew.
My apple green dining room served as a perfect backdrop
for the ghostly decor...
You can never have enough cobwebs!
While my favorite witch, Hortense, held court in the dining room,
we sat down to a "spooktacular " autumn meal,
complete with Ouija Board placemats
a black burlap table runner (decopaged with a wide assortment of
bones & skulls) that I had made especially for the occasion.
Each guest had his own little tombstone beside his plate...
complete with a foreboding epitaph.
Mine of course read:
Carol Reynolds
What can we say?
She was
in every way.

Today, another generation of little goblins is enjoying Halloween
"Mimi" style.
We are getting ready for the big day
by decorating a haunted gingerbread house...
No.... those are NOT our real teeth!!
Here's wishing you all a wonderful Halloween,
and while you are out & about that night-
keep a close look out for two rather spooky
Trick or Treaters!



Claudia Gifford said...

I have just loved reading your wonderful blog, and bringing back memories of all the magical Halloweens at the Reynold's house. Carol, your amazing talent is beyond words, and I cherish living next to you and your wonderful family! Claudia